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Friday 28th June

Building work is progressing, with preparation underway for the floor and structural work on the Sanctuary. Please do keep the building work and everyone involved in your daily prayers.


The refurbishment of St Dunstan's commenced on Monday 24th June 2019 and finished on Friday 6th December 2019.  Please see below for more information.

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Friday 5th July 

Everything seems quiet from the outside of church, but on the inside, progress has been made with the electrical work, structural work on the sanctuary and the pews have been moved ready for work on the flooring to begin. 


Friday 12th July

This week, the porch area has been demolished and the work to break up the concrete floor in church has commenced.


Friday 19th July 

Work has continued on the outside porch area. Inside the church, the floor has been cleared of all the concrete and work has begun in the 'tunnel entrance' of the church.


Friday 26th July

The boiler and radiators that will supply hot water and heating to the Sacristy, flower room, altar server room and toilet have been installed.

Work has continued on breaking up the concrete floor in the main body of the church and more concrete has been cleared.


Friday 2nd August 

Inside church, the concrete floor has been taken down a bit further. The workmen are in the process of forming the wood for the new altar ready for casting.

Outside, the blue bricks from the porch area have been removed and the concrete has been dug up.

Friday 9th August

Improvements to the lighting has begun - some of the old light fittings have been taken down ready to be replaced with new, more efficient, lights.

Preparation for the foundations of the new porch area have started. The area behind the glass doors has been partitioned off. 


Friday 16th August

All of the old lights have been replaced inside church. The woodwork has been completed ready for the concrete to be poured which will create the Sanctuary area. 

Outside, the foundations for the new porch area are taking shape. The area has been dug out and concrete has been poured. 


Friday 23rd August

Inside the shape of the Sanctuary is now becoming clear with the concrete set for the lower step. 

Outside work continues with digging out the footings for the extension and work on the foundations has begun. 


Friday 30th August

Outside we can the formation of what will be the external wall and new entrance of the church.

On the inside, work on the Sanctuary has continued and the floor insulation has been laid.


Friday 6th September 

At the start of the week, the underfloor heating pipes were laid and then the screed was poured over them creating the new floor.

Outside, the work continues on building the new extension.


Friday 13th September 

The concrete is now dry inside church ready for the new floor finishing to be laid.

We can now see the shape of the new extension and how the layout of the is area will be inside. 

Friday 20th September

The extension now has walls and a roof. The screed has been poured for the new floor which has now set. 

The tunnel area of church (outside the piety stall) has also had a new floor. 

Friday 27th September

The Sanctuary area has a clear shape and is ready for the next stage.

Painting has begun inside the back area of the church to freshen the walls up, while work on the extension has continued despite the heavy rain. 

Friday 4th October 2019

The area right at the top of the brick work in the main body of church has been re-painted, and the hard to reach cobwebs have been removed.

The inside layout of the extension is nearly ready for walls to be put in.

Friday 11th October 2019

Work on the new extension has continued. Drainage for the new toilets and kitchen area has been put in, and all the woodwork for the ceilings and walls has been completed. 

Friday 18th October 2019

All the heating has now been installed, as has the new sound system and loop for the hard of hearing. The flooring should go down over the next few days and work will continue on the new entrance.  The painting has mostly been done high up in the church, and the sculpture of the risen Christ is now cobweb-free for the first time in decades!

Friday 25th October 2019

The plastering has been done in the extension and is drying out nicely. Some of the benches have been cleaned and polished. This job will carry on over the next few weeks so all the benches will look like new when church re-opens!

Friday 1st November 2019

The floor tiles are starting to be laid inside church. The presbytery garden has been dug up, and a new gas pipe has been laid which will supply the new extension.

Friday 8th November 2019

Floor tiles are still being laid inside the main body of the church. A large area is now tiled and it is looking very good. The doors and large glass windows have been installed at the back of church, making this area nice and light.

Friday 15th November 2019

The laying of the floor tiles is almost complete. The toilets and kitchen area in the new extension have been fitted out ready to be used. 

This coming Tuesday, there is a meeting with the builders and architects, who will be able to give us the date on which we can move back into church.

Friday 22nd November 2019

The floor has been tiled in the tunnel entrance which makes a big difference to the old, cracked floor in there. The balcony has been re-carpeted and the benches are back in position.

The intention is to be back in church on Friday 6th December, so not too long to go now.

Friday 29th November 2019

This week, the builders have been busy completing jobs and doing finishing touches, ready for our first Mass back in church next Friday evening. 

This coming Thursday, we will begin moving things back into church from the Social Centre. If you have a free hour at 6pm then do come along to lend a hand.

Saturday 7th December 2019

Church re-opened for Mass yesterday evening and is looking wonderful. This is picture is from the Vigil Mass this evening. 

Next week, the builders will be working through the snagging list.

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