Children's Stations of the Cross

First Station


The leaders of the people brought Jesus before Pilate, the Roman governor.  He wanted to set Jesus free, but the people demanded that Jesus be put to death.  Pilate washed his hands to show he was not guilty of the blood of Jesus, and then he sent Him out to be nailed to the Cross.


Let us pray. Jesus, please teach us Your love.  Never let us be like the people who hurt You, or even like Pilate, who did nothing to help You.  Teach us to love and to help all people.  Amen. 


Second Station 


The soldiers treated Jesus with great cruelty.  They beat Him and placed a crown of thorns on His head.  Now they led Him outside and placed the wood of the Cross of His shoulder.  They made Him carry the Cross as they led Him to the place where He would die.


Let us pray. Jesus, You have taught us that when we love people, we are willing to help them, even if it hurts.  Give us the courage to help our family and friends, even if that means we must give up something we really wanted.  Amen. 


Third Station 


Jesus had not been allowed to sleep all night, and He was now exhausted.  He has been beaten and whipped, and He was nearing the end of His strength.  Even as He tried to walk along, the soldiers continued to push and shove Him.  Finally, it was too much for Him and He fell down.


Let us pray. Jesus, You became weak and fell down in pain.  Teach us never to make fun of those who are weak or those who have fallen.  And when we fall, teach us to reach out to You.  Amen


Fourth Station 


As the soldiers dragged Jesus through the streets, they led Him to the place where Mary, His Mother, was standing.  Mary felt such great sorrow to see her only Son suffering such horrible pain.  Yet Jesus had assured her that He must fulfil the Father’s will.  So she surrendered her Son to the will of the Father.


Let us pray.  Jesus, when You were dying, You told Your beloved disciple to care for Mary, Your Mother.  May we, too, remember that she is our Mother.  May we make a home for her in our hearts.


Fifth Station 


The soldiers realised that Jesus was too weak to carry His Cross all the way to Calvary.  They began to worry that He might die along the way.  So they forced a man who was standing nearby, Simon of Cyrene, to carry the Cross for Jesus the rest of the way. 


Let us pray. Jesus, Simon reached out and helped You carry the Cross.  Teach me to reach out to help those around me.  Let me be so generous that I offer my help even without being asked.  Amen.


Sixth Station 


Jesus was now totally exhausted.  Many of the people around Him mocked Him and spit at Him.  One courageous woman named Veronica came forward and wiped the face of Jesus with her veil.  God rewarded her loving kindness, for He caused an image of the face of Jesus to appear on her veil.


Let us pray. Jesus, Veronica saw the pain in Your face, and so she reached out to help You.  Remind us that every time we see the face of someone who is suffering or lonely, we are really seeing you.  Amen.


Seventh Station 


The soldiers kept leading Jesus along, but He continued to grow weaker and weaker.  Once again, His strength failed Him and He fell to the ground.  The solders immediately forced Him to get back on His feet and to continue His cruel journey.  


Let us pray. Jesus, You told us that we would receive mercy if we showed mercy to others.  Teach us to forgive, even if someone has wronged us time and time again.  Amen.  


Eighth Station 


As Jesus struggled along, He encountered a group of women who were weeping for Him.  He looked up and told them, that they should not weep for Him, but rather for themselves and their children. 


Let us pray. Jesus, the women wept for You as You went off to die.  May we pray now for all those who are dying and have died.  Eternal rest grant unto them.  Amen.


Ninth Station 


Jesus’ strength now failed Him completely.  He was near the place where He was to be crucified, but He could not go another step.  He fell to the ground, ready to die there.  But once again the soldiers forced Him up, and Jesus somehow found the strength to finish His terrible journey.  


Let us pray. Jesus, You never give up on us.  Teach us to love ourselves even as much as You love us.  Amen.


Tenth Station


When they reached the place where Jesus was to die, the soldiers ripped off the robe that Jesus had been wearing.  They were going to cut it up into pieces to divide among themselves.  But when they saw it was made from one piece of cloth, they decided to roll dice for it.


Let us pray. Jesus, they took away from You everything You had, even Your clothing.  May we always be willing to share our food and our clothes and our toys with those who have none.  Amen.


Eleventh Station


The soldiers then threw Jesus to the ground and began to nail Him to the Cross.  They used one nail for each of His hands and one for both of His feet.  Jesus felt horrible pain as they were driving the nails into His flesh.  


Let us pray. Jesus, when we are suffering, help us to remember that You too suffered.  When we are bored because we can’t go out, help us to remember that You could not leave the Cross.  When we feel that no one loves us, help us to remember that You died for love of us.  Amen.


Twelfth Station 


Jesus was crucified at noon and He hung on the Cross for about three hours.  Even then He did not forget His love for us.  When the end was near, He looked up into the heavens and said “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”  Then He gave His spirit over to the Father and breathed His last.


Let us pray: Jesus, by Your death You conquered death and won eternal life for us.  Help us to live our lives for You.


Thirteenth Station

As evening approached, some of the disciples went and asked Pilate for permission to take down the body of Jesus.  They lowered Him to the ground and placed Him in the arms of Mary, His loving Mother.

Let us pray. Jesus, we promise that we will now do what You taught us to do.  We will be Your arms that give to the poor.  We will be Your feet to visit the sick.  We will be Your heart to love all those who are alone.  Amen.


Fourteenth Station 


It was now important to bury the body of Jesus quickly, for it was almost sunset.  Some of the disciples of Jesus went to a nearby garden and found a new tomb that belonged to Joseph of Arimathea, who was also a disciple, They laid our Lord’s body in the tomb and covered the entrance to the tomb with a rock.


Let us pray.  Jesus, even as Your disciples placed Your body in the tomb, You went to welcome those who had never known Your Name.  We ask that when we die, You may welcome us also into Your heavenly Kingdom.

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