Guidance for the Safe Use of Churches

Although general restrictions have now lifted, the virus is still within our community. Whilst at Mass......please take note of the guidance below to ensure that we make each other feel as safe as possible. We remember in our prayers those who are not with us due illness or because they are isolating. They are very much part of the prayers and the sacrifice we offer today.

  • Please use hand sanitizer when arriving and leaving.

  • Please continue to wear face coverings in church unless age (younger children) or medical conditions preclude this.

  • Keep social distance at all times – especially being mindful when moving about for Holy Communion or leaving church.

  • Please follow the one-way system around church.

  • If you will not be receiving holy communion or coming forward for a blessing mention this to a steward and they will find you a seat where you won’t block others in.

  • Do not leave newsletters you have used in church, but always take them home with you.

  • Remove face covering immediately before receiving Holy Communion and replace after receiving the Sacred Host.